Who is Chisel ActionCOACH Madison?  

Guided by owner/business coach Monica Gunderson, Chisel ActionCOACH Madison is a team of exceptional business professionals dedicated to guiding you to be your best for you and your business to grow and thrive. 

Monica Gunderson's Team at Chisel ActionCOACHAfter more than 25 years of extensive leadership and executive experience in retail and healthcare, Monica’s passion for business education and sincere desire to help others succeed led her to this destination.  

 Questions and Answers to Get to Know Chisel ActionCoach Madison 

 Q: What sets Chisel ActionCOACH Madison apart from other business coaching businesses? 

 A: We are part of the world’s largest, most successful business coaching company. This gives us – and our clients – access to the most current, cutting-edge strategies and tools available for virtually every type of business.  

 The success of ActionCOACH is the foundational culture; specifically, the “14 points of culture.” These are the guiding principles – a commitment that your coach makes. Among these are:  

  • Integrity – always speak the truth, deliver what is promised. 
  • Excellence – deliver exceptional quality, constant improvement and innovation. 
  • Education – learn from mistakes, continually learn, grow and master to help clients learn, grow and master. 
  • Balance – remembering there are many other important things in life along with business. 
  • Fun – life is a journey to be enjoyed! 

 This culture supports the C.A.R.E. delivery model. 

 Q: What is the C.A.R.E. delivery model? 

 A: Community: We build community to be surrounded by like-minded individuals to collaborate, network, exchange ideas, and support each other on this journey. Accountability: Your coach will help you set goals and milestones, and keep you accountable, motivated and focused. Results: Receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and objectives to achieve new levels of success, both personally and professionally. Education: Expand your knowledge and skills through exclusive educational resources, workshops, and seminars. 

 Q: Can you expand on the Education component?  

 A: Chisel ActionCOACH Madison provides many educational opportunities and events, both in-person and virtual.  

 In-person and virtual seminars and workshops: Learn cutting-edge strategies, discuss current business trends, hear from experienced business leaders in your community. 

 GrowthCLUB: Our quarterly workshop gives business owners a chart for success over the next 90 days.  

 These are just a sampling of the ways Chisel ActionCoach Madison helps business owners, managers and leaders develop the necessary skills to realize their personal and professional goals. There are many more ways to participate 

 Q: How is Chisel ActionCoach Madison reflected in the community? 

 A: We are very active in the community. We are proud partners with ActionCOACH Foundation, certified to deliver an exceptional entrepreneurial learning experience for youth ages 12-22. We routinely host local cohort sessions to ignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit in our youth at no cost to the students.  

 We also regularly seek opportunities to participate in, support, and sponsor community activities and events.  

 Q: What else should I know about Chisel ActionCOACH Madison? 

 A: First and foremost, we are committed to helping all to succeed. To that end, we offer free tools to help you assess your business. In fact, we offer a free business coaching session to give you an opportunity to see what it’s all about. 

Q: But really, why should I hire any business coach?  

A: Businesses often have a team of subject-matter experts for many aspects of business, such as an accountant, a tax person and a lawyer. A business coach becomes part of that team. More business owners and executives than ever before are turning to Business Coaching to help develop a winning game plan for their businesses. Why? First, it’s very difficult to be truly objective about yourself. A Business Coach can be objective for you. A business coach will help you focus on your goals and hold you accountable to do the work to achieve them. 

Q: How can I connect with you?  

 A: Here is the easiest way. Of course, you can call us: (608) 673 7711 or email Monicagunderson@actioncoach.com 

 We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of our upcoming events!