Man pushing gears to represent business in action

Welcome to ActionCLUB: Igniting Business Excellence

Step into a realm of unrivaled business growth with ActionCLUB, the epitome of practicality, dynamism, and profitability in business, sales, and marketing programs and Leadership Development Training Courses.

Establish a Rock-Solid Foundation – ActionCLUB forms an unwavering foundation by encompassing ALL key fundamentals of business. It leverages proven, step-by-step strategies that have catapulted tens of thousands of ActionCOACH clients to success worldwide. These are practical ideas that you can seamlessly implement in your business, yielding an immediate and positive return on investment.

Embrace Progress or Succumb to Stagnation – In both business and life, there is no standing still. It’s a choice between continuous growth or a downward terminal spiral. Startling statistics reveal that approximately 90% of businesses fail within the first ten years. To ensure your business’s longevity, it’s imperative to have effective strategies in place that align with your overarching goals.

Unleash the Key to Long-Term Success – Unlock the secret to long-term survival by focusing on the direction you envision for your business and igniting the momentum necessary to embark on that journey. There is simply no alternative if you’re genuinely committed to thriving in the business landscape.

What will I learn?

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded business owners, leaders and managers during interactive, activity-based business strategy sessions held on the 2nd and last Thursday of each month. In ActionCLUB, participants are encouraged to promptly implement their business strategies and share feedback on their successes and challenges. Prepare to acquire the following invaluable skills:

  • Amplify productivity by enhancing priority setting and time management abilities
  • Define your unique selling proposition and transform it into a formidable competitive weapon
  • Skyrocket lead generation and conversion skills to drive phenomenal growth
  • Cultivate loyal, profitable customers who become lifelong advocates
  • Distinguish between cash flow and profit margin for optimal financial management
  • Recruit, develop, and retain top-tier talent within your organization
  • Create streamlined systems that empower your business to operate seamlessly without your constant presence

What can I expect?

  • Experience the power of ActionCLUB through 1.5-hour sessions held twice a month virtually
  • A comprehensive educational program that lays the groundwork for business excellence
  • Engaging in-person presentations delivered by seasoned Chisel ActionCOACH team members, supplemented with insights from international speakers via video
  • Benefit from interactive peer-to-peer table work centered around the session’s topic
  • Quarterly GrowthCLUB Strategic Planning sessions to refine your business strategies
  • 30x Life, Wealth & Business Education via Video, led by Brad Sugars, allowing for self-paced learning
  • Gain access to the limitless benefits of ProfitCLUB Program as an ActionCLUB member

How much does it cost?

To welcome you to Business Growth ActionCLUB, we extend an invitation to your first meeting at absolutely no cost! If you find value in your initial session and decide to continue, ActionCLUB is available for a monthly investment of $475.

Embrace flexibility—there are no contracts or minimum terms. Whether you choose to embark on a lifelong journey or join us for a few months, we welcome you to the Chisel ActionCOACH community.